Cardiac Rehabilitation Class

What is Cardiac Rehab?


If you have had a cardiac incident, like a heart attack, valve replacement, stents fitted, or had a graft then in the weeks after your surgery you will be or have been invited to attend Phase 3 Rehab with the Cardiac Care teams in Bourne or Peterborough.   This is an 8 week program of exericise and education that is provided by the NHS.


Following this you are discharged and encouraged to continue your exercise with  classes here in Stamford with me.  This follows the protocol set down by the British Association of Cardiac Rehab, I qualified to teach this class many years ago and as part of this program I have to re validate my qualification every 3 years.  (Dec 2017 was the last time I did this).


The classes are circuit based in Tinwell Village Hall on a Tuesday afternoon. 2.30 - 4pm.  These classes are not provided by the NHS and so have a nominal charge of £5. per visit.


Following on from your discharge you can ask for your phase 3 to 4 transfer sheet, this is  the paper work I need.  If you have not been to the classes in Bourne then you can still come to the classes with me though I need written consent from your GP prior to starting.  Even if has been many years since your incident I still need the consent.


Both forms of consent are valid for 6 months, if your fail to start the classes in that time new consent has to be obtained.  Once you are in class as long as you come fairly regularly then no further consent is needed subject to no new complications, again 6 months of no visits and new consent is needed.  


We are a friendly bunch of ladies and gents, and the highlight of the year is our Christmas Lunch.