Leaky Sneezers & Non Jumpers.....

Welcome to this specific page.  This here is all about helping you and your Pelvic Floor!

Are you a Leaky Jumper, the terrieffied Sneezer, the last person to be found on a bouncy castle or trampoline?  


Going for a pee "just in case" , wearing a pad because you leak a little if you cough or laugh?


Well I HAVE the class for YOU!  - I really do..


As a Pilates instructor you get to know what people want over the years and the thing that kept cropping up is whispers and hushed tones was leaky pelvic floors, the embaressment you felt, feeling that you are the only one, well I can assure you - you are not alone, it is reckoned that 1 in 3 women off all ages have some kind of stress incontinence with their Pelvic Floors and its not all caused by having a baby either.


I developed a keen interest and started researching how I could help, I found courses I could attened and sat exams and devoured books to come up with a series of classes that run as a block so we can discuss all the aspects of getting a better working and keeping a functioning Pelvic Floor.  Whilst I'm not promising miracles, these are education led classes, with homework! to help you led a more leak free life.  


Pre screening is required for these courses, small groups of ladies who are prepared to have an open and honest conversation with themselves and others about how it affects them and the improvements we see over the weeks and months.  What have you got to lose here?  Absolutely nothing.


These courses will start in October 2018, will be 75 mins per class for 6 weeks. To  enroll on the waiting list and get an early bird booking price please contact me on 07799 895758 or email Carla4coaching@aol.com




To find out why I post a photo of a plastic chicken on a Pelvic Floor Restore page..... well you will have to sign up for the course to know more, and yes it is very relevant!