Class timetable


Tuesday 12.45  @ David Lloyd, Peterborough


Tuesday 18.30 @ Broad Street, Stamford - all abilities


Wednesday 18.00  @ Broad Street, Stamford - all abilites


Thursday 09.30 @ Broad Steet, Stamford - all abilites


Fridays 13.00 @ David Lloyd


Stretch  classes

at David Lloyd Tuesdays at 12 noon and Fridays at 2pm.


Booking in for classes.

David Lloyd is a private members club so membership is needed to attend these classes.


The Broad Street classes are in the Stamford Yoga Studio. Booking online in advance is essential as there is no option to turn up and and pay on the day, as most classes are always fully booked.    Booking is done via the StamfordYoga.co.uk website, register then buy 1 or some class passes then you can book your Pilates classes. 1 class pass is £10, buy a block and the price per class comes down,  though they have a 12 week useage on them once you book a class with it.  Meaning if you know your schedule you can book in a 10 weeks of classes to secure your place.  Once registered booking can also be completed through the mindbody app, search for StamfordYoga. 


Why I Love It!


Pilates is challenging yet safe exercise that promotes a balanced body, a longer, leaner, toned shape, superb posture, a flat stomach, a strong back and increased mobility and flexibility. It also increases strength and endurance, improves balance and co-ordination, all without producing over developed or bulky muscles.


My Pilates classes are suitable for everyone regardless of age, sex and level of fitness. Each exercise can be done at different levels of intensity with additional modifications to cater for anyone with specific muscular or joint limitations. If you are in any doubt, it is always advisable to check with your GP before undergoing any exercise programme.


Participants are encouraged to work at their own individual levels, building up strength, endurance and flexibility gradually at their own pace.


I offer private Pilates tuition too, please contact me for more information. 


Testimonials from my Pilates Beginners Course


“I felt relaxed after every session and have begun to feel my core getting stronger”  Rosie W


“I found this course physically hard work but relaxing at the same time.  I feel I have far better understanding of my core muscles now “  Wendy F


“Been slow but I feel I am getting there slowly”  Sue K


“I felt the course was relaxing but stretched out my body and help me tone it” Lisa J


“I found the course much more demanding than I expected (in a good way).  I am very keen to continue with learning more about Pilates”  Sarah P


“I found this course relaxing and informative”  Wendy B






More information and testimonials can be found on my Pilates Facebook Page, Pilates4you in Stamford .


Pilates is based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates an effective exercise prescription. Each exercise is designed to make the maximum use of your time by targeting the deep postural muscles of the body, building strength from the inside out and re-balancing your muscles.


Pilates attacks the roots of bad posture by toning little-used muscles groups in the abdomen, torso, upper and lower back, while incorporating a slow breathing technique to energise the body. Pilates moves are also designed to work the muscles of the whole body (abdominals, lower back, thighs, buttocks, calves, arms, shoulders) and to gently lengthen them. The result is a body that is properly aligned and at less risk of injury. It is a no- impact class suitable for men and women of ages, levels and abilities, is a good way to relax and unwind and is also weight-bearing exercise so helps to prevent osteoporosis.





Do you have a venue and participants? Please call to check my availabilty to take classes for you on a permenant bases, holiday or maternity cover.