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Pilates, Stretch & Relax 


No date set at the moment    2pm - 4.30pm

if you would like to attend the next one please get in touch, have a few friends then have your own private workshop


Pilates, Stretch & Relax, a perfect antidote to the hectic will live right now, join me for an afternoon of flowing Pilates, gentle stretching and guided relaxation.
If you are a regular class goer and have some working knowledge of Pilates moves etc then this class is for you. As always, tuition will be given, and harder and easier options will always be available. Suitable for all aged over 16.


Expect a fun afternoon with a great stretch session and some blanket time at the end!


Come to Stamford, do some shopping, a light lunch then in the studio for the afternoon for Pilates, Stretch and Relaxation = Perfect and only £30.


Hope you can come.


Booking is only through - chose workshop tab






Absolute Beginners Pilates Workshop


No date is set for this at present, if your interested in attending the next one please get in touch.  Also available for groups of friends.

Broad Street, Stamford, Lincs.


This workshop is ideal if you have ever wanted to start Pilates and join an established class but you have no idea what you are doing.


I’m here to explain the “how” and “why” through an afternoon of hands on education and practical, its great fun and none judgemental. Whether you have a bad back, knee, shoulder etc Pilates will help you move more freely, even if you have no specific aches and pains Pilates can make your body feel stronger, stretched and more relaxed.


I love my job and that means I enthuse learning and being creative, my constant education also means I can pass this onto you. Lots of attention to detail to ensure correct muscle engagement and alignment.


Breathing and relaxation techniques.

All this for only £30.


Booking is only through - chose workshop tab



“Giving freedom of movement and strength to your body"