Pricing for Personal Training

As with many things in life we can initially be biased to choosing a product or service based solely on the price.  We sometimes choose the cheapest provider and hope it will deliver as well as the more experienced. 


I have over 18 years’ experience of developing people through fitness and exercise.   I will not claim to be the best at everything and any trainer that does is not the trainer you think you are getting.  Most trainers try to have a niche area, mine is functional /3d fitness combined with /without weight loss.  I can back up all the qualifications I list with a certificate in their use.  Some trainers will claim to be Kettle bell, TRX or boxercise trainers, though they have taken no formal training /qualification in their use.    Just because there is equipment to hand do not assume they know how to use it safely/effectively.  Others will claim to be a personal trainer with only a level 2 gym instructors qualification, or maybe they are just newly qualified.


With me you get experience; experience of being a Level 4 Personal Trainer and experience of life.  Life effects people, it can get in the way of training / fitness.  I have been there, I understand, I can empathise with you, and help you see and find a way forward.  Sometimes the enormity of the task is so great we do not know where to start. My understanding of how the body works and how it moves is learnt from years of experience and studying.  By using my skills as a qualified Life Coach I help you along side the physical training too.


I am not the cheapest but I am certainly not the most expensive out there.  Please call or email me today to find out why you should be choosing me as your Personal Trainer. 


Personal Training starts from as little as £40 per session

Classes start at £10 each

Private Pilates lessons are £50.


All sessions are by payment in advance, I operate a 24 hours notice cancellation policy and all  Personal Training sessions have a 6 month expiry.