What Others Say About Carla

If you are looking for a personal trainer I would not  hesitate but to recommend Carla van Traa...particularly if you are ageing, overweight and suffering from chronic back muscle and disc problems but still believe there is a golden dawn of sporting prowess ahead of you. Whilst she hasn’t been able to stop the ageing process and the golden dawn is resolutely refusing to break, Carla’s Pilates-based stretching regime has worked wonders for my back over the last two or three years and her cardio-burning exercises have at least held their own against over-indulgence.  No two sessions are the same. And to help take you mind off the pain there is always a report of her latest adventure running through waist-high freezing mud (winters only) or leather-clad bike rides (summer months) to keep you entertained.


K. Julian - Peterborough

“I quite literally contacted Carla on the recommendation of two friends that had used her PT services with fantastic results”


I have now been a client for over 7 years and my body shape has changed, my fitness levels have improved massively and I am now familiar with a range of workouts that I would have never known about or how to tackle in the past.


Up until that time I had been an occasional and often half hearted gym-goer but always knew that I was never going to achieve any personal objectives as I did not push myself anywhere near enough. Just as importantly I have learnt how to use the equipment to maintain and achieve the toning and fitness levels that I wanted.


Carla has used a range of tactics from diet, bullying, lying and manipulating me into being a healthier, fitter and more contented person.


R. Plaice

I decided to book a personal trainer as I felt my fitness needed a kick start after Christmas.  I was lucky enough to be booked with Carla; I booked for 10 sessions with the aim of improving my fitness and becoming more toned.  I usually stick to body pump classes and the occasional pilates class as I don't really know what to do in the gym.  So the sessions were a way of finding out what I could do to vary my fitness plan and familiarise myself with the equipment in the gym.

The sessions began with a general discussion around my diet - too many biscuits and chocolate buttons - and being weighed and measured. The exercises Carla took me through concentrated on core fitness which was great as I have always thought I had a dodgy back, mainly brought about by too much desk work.  During the sessions it became clear the real bonus of having Carla as my personal trainer - I got humour with discipline! I could not stop because I thought I'd done enough - I could only stop if Carla thought I could not continue!  I was constantly made aware of which muscles I was using and the reason for the exercise.  

Originally I had thought that I would be using the static equipment in the gym - instead I was introduced to the studio areas where the rubber pipes, giant balls and bosu were put to use in a wide variety of exercises.  Although I do sit ups as part of body pump routines I have taken my 'repertoire' further with crunches and more energetic versions.  My favourite area in the gym now is the TRX frame.  This is the basis for a series of exercises which when demonstrated by Carla look quite simple but actually require good technique and core strength.  A real challenge.  I also discovered the rowing machine.  

This was another way in which Carla ensured that I would still use the gym once my sessions ended.  She was clear in explaining how different pieces of equipment worked and constantly suggested ways to set targets when I did not have a personal trainer to encourage me.  She suggested rowing the Channel during a single month; timing how long I can hold plank; staying on the TRX for 15minutes and increasing it at the next session.
About half way through the sessions I noticed that I was getting fitter, I felt more toned, stronger and had more stamina. At the final session Carla compared my measurements and statistics - I had only lost 1kg but my body fat had reduced; but I had toned up - I had lost 20cms!

I would definitely book with Carla as my personal trainer again; I found all the sessions hard work but fun and this was because Carla pushed and encouraged me to achieve my objectives. I shall have to make sure I do not slip back to old habits now but I am more determined to continue as I have had a good teacher in how to use the equipment and the huge variety of exercises you can do. 

B Marling

Carla has been my personal trainer since Spring 2008.  I started so that I could go from couch potato to 5 days trekking for a charitable cause in the November. Thanks to her encouragement I went from 3 minutes which felt like torture on the cross trainer to 40 mins and a belief that I could actually achieve my goal and keep up the pace. The event has been and gone and much to my surprise despite my allergy to exercise, I have continued with Carla because she makes it such fun and I never remember doing the same exercise twice (although I am sure I do!)


M. Rigg - Nassington

I first approached Carla as my goal was to "look and feel fantastic" for an approaching milestone birthday. During the first 6 months of training with Carla I lost 48.6cm (13cm around my tummy button) and achieved a total weight loss of 4.2kg (9.2lb).

Carla helped me achieve my goal by scrutinising & carefully monitoring my diet by ensuring I kept a food diary during training; educating me into eating more of the right foods to help keep my metabolism even throughout the day. Carla's sessions are never the same and she always uses a variety of cardio and resistance techniques (including kettle bells and Trx) inside and outside the gym which I found to be hugely motivational. Carla's friendly, professional and "can-do" attitude is addictive and means I am constantly working outside of my comfort and fitness zone. Choosing a female PT was important and Carla understands and appreciates the workings of a female system (the ups, downs and all over the place!)

PT with Carla is worth every penny and has changed my lifestyle - I now have boundless energy, understand the importance of proper fitness techniques, have a much more toned body shape (watch out Madonna!) and even took part in the 10K Race for Life which I completed in 1 hour. Carla has made fitness fun and important and enjoyable part of my life - even to the point of owning my own Kettle Bell. I can't recommend her highly enough


C. Jones - Peterborough


Hi, just to let you now I passed my Navy tests this week! 

I managed to get 9.2 on the bleep test which I was really happy with.

Thank you for all your help!


C. Bracken - Peterborough


I started working with Carla because I was getting bored and in a rut at the gym.  Carla got me really clear about my fitness goals.  She creates sessions focused on what you want to work on, and no two sessions are ever the same which keeps the training interesting – and I’ve learned loads from her – ideas that I can try myself in the gym.  Carla is fun to work with, motivating and pushes you to do more than you thought you could!


J. Cramb - Peterbough