Pelvic Floor Restore Course


Saturday 18th May

2 - 5pm



This 3 hour workshop will empower you with knowledge and understanding of all things Pelvic Floor. A fun and interactive afternoon of blended learning to include presentations, group chat, practising Pelvic Floor exercises both stationary and with movement and how to relax the pelvic floor.


Aimed at all women who already have a few issues and those looking to avoid such issues. Especially useful for ladies who have had a hysterectomy.
 What and where is your pelvic floor
 How the pelvic floor affects you Core
 Interaction of breath, core and pelvic floor
 The role of posture
 Understanding Intra-Abdominal Pressure
 Prolapse – if you have / want to try and avoid
 Finding the correct muscles and correct contraction of the pelvic floor group
 Weak and underactive pelvic floor vs overtight pelvic floor
 Bladder health and pelvic pain symptoms inc over active bladder, interstitial cystitis and stress incontinence.
 How to activate your pelvic floor properly
 Pelvic floor loading vs pelvic floor protection
 Bowel health and implications of constipation
 How position is everything
 Exercise and the pelvic floor
 Menopause and the pelvic floor
 Clothing, Lubricants and Women’s Health Physio referrals
The afternoon is aimed at a small groups of ladies in a confidential, nurturing environment.
All this for only £60.
Pre-screening is required for this workshop. This will be by a phone call and then some paperwork 07799 895758. I just need to check that I don't need to say Go see a Women Health Physio before you come to me, so nothing to worry about.
As a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor you get to know what people want,and over the last 15 years the one thing that kept cropping up in whispers and hushed tones was leaky pelvic floors, the embarrassment and distress you felt, feeling that you are the only one. Well I can assure you; you are not alone. It is reckoned that 1 in 3 women off all ages has some kind of stress incontinence with their pelvic floor and wearing a pad is not the long term solution.
07799 895758
Payment by BACS or card to secure your place today.


In a stunning studio in the heart of Stamford within

The Broad Street Practice.





Absolute Beginners Pilates Workshop


Date to be set, please enquire for next course date


2pm - 4.30pm


Have you been advised to start Pilates by a health professional or friend. Worried that you will not know what to do or how to do it? Then this short workshop is ideal for you.

Starting into an existing Pilates class can be daunting and with lots of new terms and positions it can be overwhelming so in this workshop I will explain all about Pilates, why we do it and how we do it.
Giving you the confidence and knowledge to go and join any Pilates class as a beginner.
Topics covered will include
• What is Neutral and imprinted spine
• How we breath & intra-abdominal pressure
Some Pilates moves such as
• Clam
• Table top
• Shoulder Bridge
• Single leg circles
• Back extensions
• Cat to Cow
• Spinal twists
• Threading the needle
• Seated rotation
• Half Roll back
We will also discuss “Precision” and when to progress or regress a move. “Concentration” a important element and founding principle. Finishing the afternoon with a guided relaxation.
The classes are aimed at mainstream population that have the usual grumps and groans in their bodies, if you feel there is anything in particular that I need to know about your health and well being prior to the start please email me back. All information provided will be kept confidential.
You book direct with me, payment via bacs or card. Please call me if you wish to book or just discuss your needs further.
07799 895758


Breathing and relaxation techniques.

All this for only £35.

“Giving freedom of movement and strength to your body"



Pilates, Stretch & Relax 


Date to be advised, please get in touch


2pm - 4.30pm  




Pilates, Stretch & Relax, a perfect antidote for stress.
Join me for an afternoon of flowing Pilates, gentle stretching
and guided relaxation.
 Tuition will be given, and harder and easier options will always be available. Suitable for all aged over 16.


Expect a gentle afternoon with a great stretch session and some
blanket time at the end!


Come to Stamford, do some shopping, a light lunch then into the
studio for the afternoon to chill out.  Bliss 
Stretch and Relax
only £32



Testimonials from my Pilates Beginners Course


“I felt relaxed after every session and have begun to feel my core getting stronger”  Rosie W


“I found this course physically hard work but relaxing at the same time.  I feel I have far better understanding of my core muscles now “  Wendy F


“Been slow but I feel I am getting there slowly”  Sue K


“I felt the course was relaxing but stretched out my body and help me tone it” Lisa J


“I found the course much more demanding than I expected (in a good way).  I am very keen to continue with learning more about Pilates”  Sarah P


“I found this course relaxing and informative”  Wendy B