Pelvic Floor Restore Course


Tuesday 22nd January 2019 - 

Tuesday 12th February





Do you have "Whoops" moments?

Adverts on the TV normalise this problem, wearing a pad is not the solution, pelvic floor exercises is the way we get ourselves better with "control" . I'm here to help you ditch the pads! 

This course is for the leaky runners and the non-jumpers, the ladies who have those Whoops moments. In most cases wearing a pad is not the solution, learning safe and effective exercise strategies to help relieve the issues you are having. Is not an age thing either, childbirth and some sports people are likely to cause / create some issues that mean needing a little extra help
These classes aim to improve your mental and physical connection with your pelvic floor, to understand how it works, how everything we do affects it. Its nothing to be embarrassed about, that feeling that you are the only one with a problem, this is so not the case, the increase of adverts for sanitary wear aimed at normalising this market place is testament to the numbers of ladies who could benefit from help. Wearing a pad is not the answer.

I am an exercise professional who has undertaken advanced training and study in Pelvic floor issues, I have been helping ladies in my Pilates classes for a few years now with great results. These class are based on Pilates moves, therefore performed, standing, seated, on our mats, education is key so together we learn the do’s and don’ts of creating and preserving a functioning pelvic floor. Normal comfortable lose clothing is worn.

Its for all women who need a little help, its 4 weeks of getting you in a better place, the investment in you is £80. This will include email support and a private facebook group. No more than 8 ladies per course.  

Booking is direct with me, paying by bank transfer, card or cash.
Please call 07799 895758 or msg me.



In a stunning studio in the heart of Stamford within

The Broad Street Practice.




Pilates, Stretch & Relax 


Saturday 16th March 2019


2pm - 4.30pm  


Stamford Yoga Studio

Broad Street



Pilates, Stretch & Relax, a perfect antidote for stress.
Join me for an afternoon of flowing Pilates, gentle stretching
and guided relaxation.
 Tuition will be given, and harder and easier options will always be available. Suitable for all aged over 16.


Expect a gentle afternoon with a great stretch session and some
blanket time at the end!


Come to Stamford, do some shopping, a light lunch then into the
studio for the afternoon to chill out.  Bliss 
Stretch and Relax
only £32.
Booking via




Absolute Beginners Pilates Workshop


No date is set for this at present 2pm - 4.30pm

If your interested in attending the next one please get in touch.  Also available for groups of friends.

Broad Street, Stamford, Lincs.


This workshop is ideal if you have ever wanted to start Pilates and join an established class but you have no idea what you are doing.


I’m here to explain the “how” and “why” through an afternoon of hands on education and practical, its great fun and none judgemental. Whether you have a bad back, knee, shoulder etc Pilates will help you move more freely, even if you have no specific aches and pains Pilates can make your body feel stronger, stretched and more relaxed.


I love my job and that means I enthuse learning and being creative, my constant education also means I can pass this onto you. Lots of attention to detail to ensure correct muscle engagement and alignment.


Breathing and relaxation techniques.

All this for only £30.

“Giving freedom of movement and strength to your body"


Bring Pilates 2 you, this was a session done on the yard, we did Pilates on the floor based on posture and core activation, we moved to the wooden horse and then followed with a flat lesson on their horses in the school.  My fee is a fixed fee, so split amongst you to spread the cost.


Testimonials from my Pilates Beginners Course


“I felt relaxed after every session and have begun to feel my core getting stronger”  Rosie W


“I found this course physically hard work but relaxing at the same time.  I feel I have far better understanding of my core muscles now “  Wendy F


“Been slow but I feel I am getting there slowly”  Sue K


“I felt the course was relaxing but stretched out my body and help me tone it” Lisa J


“I found the course much more demanding than I expected (in a good way).  I am very keen to continue with learning more about Pilates”  Sarah P


“I found this course relaxing and informative”  Wendy B